Mark Peterson

Complex design problems are elegant solutions waiting to be discovered

Advocating Designing for Inclusivity with Accessibility (WCAG 2.x)

Welcome to my portfolio. Here, you’ll discover a collection of past design work that embodies my past projects along with a deep commitment to empathy and accessibility, alongside an innovative application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into most all my recent design projects. 

With extensive expertise in WCAG (2.x) standards at levels A, AA, and AAA, my designs now prioritize inclusivity, ensuring that digital experiences are accessible to a broad spectrum of users, from those with minor impairments to those with more significant challenges.

My journey in design is marked by a fervent belief that technology should serve everyone equally. This principle has guided me to explore and implement AI and LLMs to not only predict user needs, but also to personalize and enhance the user experience in ways previously unimaginable. Through my projects, you’ll see how AI’s predictive capabilities and LLMs’ understanding of natural language can transform user interactions, making digital environments more intuitive and engaging.

My Roles

My Design Background

In my journey as a UX Lead, I’ve embraced the philosophy that learning never ceases, especially in the ever-evolving field of user experience design. Staying abreast of the latest trends, tools, and methodologies is not just a professional duty; it’s a passion that drives me to constantly refine my craft and mentor others along the way.

Central to my design ethos is the role of advocate—for the users whose lives our products touch. This means going beyond surface needs to understand their deepest challenges, aspirations, and behaviors. It’s about championing their cause throughout the product development lifecycle, ensuring their voice is not just heard but is influential in shaping outcomes.

Moreover, I am deeply aware of the ethical dimensions of UX design. In an age where technology’s impact on society is profound, integrating ethical considerations into our design processes is paramount. This involves thoughtful deliberation on privacy, accessibility, and the societal implications of our work, striving always to contribute positively to the world we all share.

This portfolio is a testament to a career dedicated not only to design excellence but to fostering an inclusive, empathetic, and ethical approach to creating digital experiences. Here, you’ll find projects that reflect a harmonious blend of analytical rigor and creative innovation, all aimed at enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

Welcome, and I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Mobile Apps:

Adhering to a “Mobile First” methodology, I ensure that the intricacies of design are addressed within the constraints of smaller screens before transitioning to the broader canvas of desktop web. 

Websites, Web Apps, & Portals:

I’m committed to designing accessible and responsive digital environments, ensuring every project conforms to WCAG 2.x A/AA/AAA standards. My focus is on creating inclusive websites, web apps, and portals that welcome users of all abilities. By integrating responsive design with a deep understanding of accessibility guidelines, I strive to make digital spaces universally navigable and engaging, bridging the gap between technology and its users with empathy and precision.

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UX Researcher

Although my work over the years has mostly involved UX Design and UX Architecture, I have done User-Research during most of my UX Design and Architecture roles. Please click on any of these to see the corresponding projects:

UI Designer

I worked in the role of a UI designer for these following projects. Please click on any of these to see the corresponding projects:

UX Design Mentor

I instructed and mentored students for the following UX design bootcamps. Please click on any of these to see more details:

UX & Information Architect

I worked in the role of a Information Architect for these following projects. Please click on any of these to see the corresponding projects:

UX Design

I worked in the role of a UX designer for these following projects. Please click on any of these to see the corresponding projects:

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